April 21, 2016

Quantum Leaps

Quantum LeapsQuantum Leaps is a science, technology and trades careers conference for girls in Grades 10-12.  The event features an evening of guest speakers & panelists, and hands-on workshops at Selkirk College led by Selkirk instructors.

The goal of Quantum Leaps is to engage girls in science, trades and technology related careers and post-secondary education.  Quantum Leaps provides inspirational opportunities for girls to meet female science professionals through panel discussions, hands-on workshops and a keynote speaker. Girls learn about critical requirements for entry and advancement into science and technology education and careers.

In 2014, Female students in grades 10-12 were able to attend hands-on workshops in Nursing, Biology, Digital Arts, Electrical Trades, Geography, and GIS.  The students enjoyed the workshops they attended and stated that they found them to be useful and interesting.  Out of the 76 students who completed the Quantum Leaps satisfaction survey, more than three-quarters (82% or higher) of respondents rated each workshop as “good” or “great.”  Eighty percent of students stated that they learned about a new career during the event.  Seventy-six percent stated that they thought of themselves in a new career as a result of the event.

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