April 21, 2016

Kootenay Contraption Contest

events-glows-contraption-contest-webad-500x300-2016The Kootenay Contraption Contest invites students in Grades 2-8 to imagine and design a “contraption” that solves some future problem, typically presented as a question such as “Imagine the year is 2050.  How will we cook, heat and cool our homes?”  Past questions include:

2010:  “What new technology or advancements in existing technology will we need to keep us healthy and safe by the mid-point of the century?”
2011:  “Imagine the year is 2050. Thinking about energy, how will we cook, heat and cool our homes?”
2012:  “How will we use less energy?”
2013:  “Imagine the year is 2050. Wind and solar energy are plentiful, but how will we store that energy to make it more useful?”
2014:  In 50 years, how will we increase our food supply?
2015:  “What contraption will change the way students learn or are taught in school?”

Students love to ponder ways to address these questions, and every year we receive approximately 150 entries.  The contest typically runs in late fall through December for a month and engages most youth through classroom teachers.

Download this year’s entry form here!