April 21, 2016

In-School Workshops

QL 2014 Electrical TradesIn fall 2016, GLOWS will offer in-class workshops for all interested elementary/science teachers within our four partner school districts:  Arrow Lakes (SD 10), Boundary (SD 51), Kootenay Columbia (SD 20), and Kootenay Lake (SD 8). Workshops will address provincial Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) which set the learning standards for the provincial K to 12 education system and form the prescribed curriculum for British Columbia. PLOs are statements of what students are expected to know and do at the end of an indicated grade or course, and schools have flexibility in determining how delivery of the prescribed learning outcomes can best take place. GLOWS can support teachers, particularly elementary-level teachers by enhancing instruction of science in the classroom.

Workshop content is developed by GLOWS staff – two paid Selkirk student instructors – who arrive in each classroom equipped with supplies, enthusiasm, and excitement for a busy two-hour science, engineering, and technology workshop. Sessions consist of exciting demonstrations, interactive experiments, and hands-on activities on subject matters in chemistry, computers, physics, biology and more.  Upon completion of the workshop, the class will have developed an excitement for science, engineering, and technology while interacting with positive post secondary student role models.

Registration will be open in August 2016.