April 21, 2016

After School Science Clubs

After school clubsAfter-school clubs are provided by Selkirk science students one day per week at an elementary or middle school. Clubs typically run 1-2 hours and are full of interactive, hands on, and experiential science learning.

Our fall 2016 offerings include Girls After School clubs.  These two clubs are designed for girls ages 8-10 and another for ages 11-13.  Clubs will use the eight 2-hour sessions to explore a particular topic or subject in depth through hands-on, creative, interactive exploration.  For example, we might offer a general science wraparound club that showcases hands-on biology, chemistry, physics, or robotics on different days.  Or the club might focus on a particular subject in-depth, such as physics or engineering, which would allow girls to explore the topic all fall, leading to discovery and the enrichment of science learned in the classroom or elsewhere.

Registration links will be provided here in August.